Friday, April 04, 2008

rambling nothings

Allo peeps, apologies, been MIA.....apparently, no reason.

Been a strange week at work and elsewhere - nothing way out of the usual, teensy weensy stuff had me going - WTF, more than I'd like to.

Anyhoooo, it's almost quarter past 11 in the evening, am busy packing - heading up to Toronto, tomorrow morning (Saturday the 5th) for couple of weeks, on business (as well as a bit of bleasure).

A friend is walking the plank - I mean down the aisle. Even though I think she is doing it more out of s-h-e-e-r desperation, I have to be there for support - support as in talk her to abort, as well as throw in a prayer the groom doesn't show up. Believe me you, given the player history the dude's got on his resume, a prayer is for her own good (am not a bad person, really, I care a lot about my friends). Then again, who am I kidding – am done with all the talking/praying/*cough* threats *cough* *ahem* blackmail *cough* over the past 5 months, so now, I wish her the best, whilst fully knowing in my heart - two years, tops!

This time of the year, the weather in the city (as in NYC, the real city, TO in comparison, is a village) is heavenly. Spring is almost upon us - reminds of subtle winter days in the UAE - which, usually is my favourite time of the year. I was hoping to be part of a project and trip to the ME region this month, however plans changed, instead a few colleagues are heading to UAE, Qatar and KSA *throws head into pillow, sulks/cusses/whines* - saao now, am heading to TO, Chicago and LA - yup, on the road 4 to 6 weeks - wohoo! heh...

Anyhooo, need to wrap the packing, check documentation, and some more documentation –remind myself of a possible, piss off question/answer session, perhaps a luggage search or both (with a French speaking security superstar at TO's arrivals). Hopefully shan’t take long. Plan to drive into downtown, check in - unpack - get some sleep, yup that's right, some sleep - groom up a bit – slip into the Tux and head off to the plank walk.

Need to hit the sack - beyond beat, nightly night again.


kaya said...

Rosh: 2 seconds of your time. visit my blog now. Pls

i*maginate said...

Wow...I'd luv to be going on a long business trip...

Hey rosh, you sound a little hyper in this post! loool!

LA and Chicago...yum...and the springtime. It's getting very mildly humid in Dubai right now.

Take some pix, k? ciao for now... :)

AM said...

Nice :)
Business trips from time to time can kill the routine at times.
Stay safe :)

moviemania said...

Oh wow, her fiance seems really seems terrible if you feel that way about him! Well, you did what you could anyway.

Have fun, and as i* said show us the pics later! :)

ammaro said...

LA, bro, enjoy LA! You'll also get memories of Dubai (with the traffic and all), so overall, a totally enjoyable experience.

rosh said...

Yo i* - business trips are good, if, not too frequent. However, most often, we are caught up in the office, hardly 've got time to discover, unlike on holidays. Yeah, friends 've been telling me, it's become humid - early isn't it?

Hey AM: yup, true, they do help kill the rigid routine at times, it's nice to have the change. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words :)

Ahlan MM; yea, well, whatya gonna do eh? I mean, we did try and let her see him for what he is - and she chooses to see the good and ignore the bad (read reality). That said, who knows, perhaps the marriage and the baby (yup baby's on the way) could well change him for the better. Fingers crossed!

lol, OK, I shall try and get some pics, though must warn, travel plans change every so often :)

Ahlan Ammaro: LOVE the new signage/photo, am laughing so hard :) Yup, LA is "aaaawsome" - it truly is LA LA land. I love the desert, though personally, I like the Middle Eastern deserts.