Tuesday, March 18, 2008

eternal sunshine of my thoughtless mind

BuJ said - "rosh dude, give us a proper post man."

The mind is blank as a cloudless sunny sky :) I am trying, there is stuff I wish to express / share / vent, however at this point, it's blank inside out! I feel nothing, well almost nothing. I have little nothings to rant or talk about. I'm not sad, mad or overtly happy about anything in particular, which is good. However, I did pen a few nothings given the eternal sunshine of my thoughtless mind.

Hey, you asked for a post! :)

I ALMOST clubbed a Diva in the bus home this evening. Here's why, I offered my seat to an elderly man. The diva, felt it was her god give right to take that seat. So, she uninvitedly moved at the speed of light, took up the seat I offered the elderly man. With no apology or care forthcoming, a heated exchange set in. She gave in, not before, screaming (presumably) Chinese curses back and flashing the proverbial finger. Anyway, screw her. I won that battle, ha!

Even, earlier in the day, I refused to partake in a debate at work, re: the Elliot Spitzer saga. For those in the dark - Spitzer, the now ex-NYC governor, who cleaned up some greed at Wall Street and brought about added accountability, resigned, because he hired services of a call girl, which is illegal in America. I prefer to see the good in people, and not judge given personal sexescapades (though in his case, Spitzer had it coming, because he was just too arrogant for his own good)whilst some friends felt he broke the law, and he deserved what he got.

Anyway, prior to that conversation, I went out for lunch with an ex-colleague who was recently made redundant. A single mom, struggling to keep her son and her lives afloat. Life is hard for her, but she is the most positive, cheerful person I know in this city of make believe divas. She's always smiling, and helping people, some virtues quite rare in this city. It's when I'm with people like her, I'm inspired, thankful and humbled at the core, because anyway I look at it, life isn't bad, I have tons to smile about.

With those thoughts, I'm saying my prayers and hitting the sack.

Nightly night people.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Good night Rosh.. Sweet dreams..

kaya said...

What a slag, I tell you. You shouldve punched her lights out or spat in her chow mein.
Your post title reminded me of the quirky movie, and how much I did in fact enjoy it, in a weird sort of way.
As for the single mom. People like her really make such a difference, without even realising. It triggers off a chain of events.
Yep you got something to smile about, and by sharing that you made someone else smile.
Tomorrow is the 20th of march and a holiday, for the prophets birthday.
Let us pray the day passes without too much death and suffering for the innocent.

Goodnight and sleep tight.

BuJ said...

wow.. we are being spoiled here.. :)

thanks Rosh for the post.. it's good when someone actually listens to me, and better still when they do a good job!

such a heartfelt post.. lovely stuff.

re the chinese woman.. man.. i learnt a thing or two about confrontations.. if you lose your cool you lose the battle.. if you flash a finger then it's a sign that you're broken and it's a "last ditch" attempt to regain face.. instead... use only a calm voice and see how they will cringe. Use your body too, but to intimidate and get close, never with contact... ok lecture over hehe

if you want, shove break a number 8 and shove a 4 in her face.

as for the ex colleague.. man.. it's a tough world out there.

your post title is like a movie name that came out a few yrs ago.

rosh said...

Thanks IYM :)

Kaya-g: long time no speak. Well, it was sort of uncomfortable speaking to a woman with that tone in a public bus, however, she was something (and a 1/2). People were shocked, she just sat down, as this old man (with a walking stick) was about to take the seat. I have seen such crap a few times, hence my reaction was instant and to the point. Anyway, its done with.

Hope you had a pleasant March 20th - and thanks :)

BuJ said...

hey, tomorrow's mothers day in uae

rosh said...

Ah Mr BuJ, welcome. Yup, often, I give into a good advice - must say, this has helped in life often hahaha :)

Ahh, ignorance is bliss, the woman, just made a fool of herself. I just wish, nobody treats her in such a way, when she is at old age. You know, everyday, I see youn healthy folks (with 10 inch heels) sitting and applying make up, just chatting on the phone or reading the newspaper - quite oblivious to the older folks (and am talking people in their 60's) standing and holding onto the bus rails. It's sad, really.

Yup tough world - we live in the heart of Capitalism. Rich becomes richer, and middle or low income, poorer - especially given the recent economy.

rosh said...

Hmmmm I didn't know that - shall give my mom a call, thanks :)

BuJ said...

Rosh, tis a pleasure.. i just got off the fone with my mom.. she was absolutely thrilled!

thanks to my cousin who reminded me it's mom's day in uae!

there are 3 different mom's days as far as i know.. UAE, UK, and USA all celebrate on different times!

AM said...

I like this post, a typical day in the city: you see it all in one day, in one place: the ups and downs of life, the rusted and good characters. What a mix!

What's interesting is when you sit down at the end of the day, you look back and still find a reason to be grateful for what you have :)