Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter & spring

It was Easter today. A few friends and I attended Easter sermon, at a community church in the City - the church was packed. Am not a heavy church goer, truthfully, I barely follow or understand the sermon. However, from what little I follow, Easter service is a bit different from the usual, as in prior to the usual murmur before the service, there was silence, only the soft quell of cathedral music and a slowly transitioning slideshow with simple words to focus the mind on the significance of the day. As kids, mom would push us into attending church and significance of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday - again, most of which, I didn't follow much. In fact, at home, mom's the only one who follows Lent - topics perhaps for another day.

Easter at home, is something I've always treasured. Mom cooks up her Easter brunch and cakes. Back in the days, friends in the neighbourhood would look forward to her Easter (and Christmas) fruit cakes. Subsequent to Easter morning sermon, guests (most often close friends and family) would arrive home for Easter brunch. Mom would whip up her specialties - that of an Easter Turkey, Buttermilk hot cross buns, Easter pancakes and Chicken Stew (personal favourite). She decorates the dinning table with some edible flowers, easter eggs, cookies and some fruits so the table is bursting with spring cheer and all. The weather in the UAE is almost perfect for such gathering - it's neither too hot, nor too cold.

Back in the city. I had Easter brunch with friends at a Brazilian restaurant, Plataforma, in Tribeca, downtown. Brunch was great - Brazilian food has a lot of meat - we liked the food and ambiance. After brunch, headed for coffee at a cafe nearby, met up with a newly married couple from the UAE. I was now, becoming tired and a bit sleepy, hence took off after a while and walked home. Called mom, dad picked up, had a chat - mom came on the phone, filled me with Easter events at home and neighbourhood gossip. I could hear my nephew, and some guests at the background -sure seems like a typical Easter evening, and I do miss it all.

Happy Easter to you all.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Happy Easter to you too Rosh..
Miss those chocolate eggs !

the real nick said...

Happy Easter, Rosh. Of course it wasn't a holiday here so I spent Easter at the office.
Nothing's like it used to be.

Al Sinjab said...

Happy Easter Rosh :)

rosh said...

Thanks - hope you guys had fun and a few easter eggs :)

BuJ said...

belated.. but I wish you and your family a Happy Easter ya Rosh :)

Remember to keep the funny bunny.

rosh said...

Shukrans Mr BuJ - Easter was spenldid back home, as always :)

AM said...

Belated happy easter ... :)