Saturday, October 20, 2007

tag time

I've been tagged by blogosphere bud BuJ on 5 reasons why I wish I was 3.

1. zero worries, lotsa similes, laughter and TLC
2. naps on granny's lap, listening to her lullabies (miss her lots)
3. a much younger & healthier dad & mom
4. uae was a young, beautiful 8 year old
5. kindergarten days with toddlers, some of whom are my friends 4 life, today

I've got to tag a few people - due honours to,

i* - spill 'em princess :)
7S - feel free to detail it all on this post :)
Al - am sure it was quite colourful :)


al-republican said...

At the moment, I can think of only ONE reason why I would want to be 3 years old: I wasn't living with my parents at that age!

SevenSummits said...

3 years old???? Honestly, I don’t remember and am sort of glad that there is this convenient blackout phenomenon! According to distant relatives, I was the first German terrorist and a real nuisance. So nothing much has changed ever since … :P

Al that sounds really discouraging, honestly! Anyhow, I am glad you are back on blogosphere, ‘cause I got sort of worried after all those shocking events in Pakistan. We are living in a confused world and somehow it is definitely not worth sacrificing so many lives ...

rosh said...

Al, hope you reconcile differences with your folks - the thing about parents, you can't live with 'em, you can't live with 'em :) Am sure you've got some fond memoirs.

7S: surely there must be some simple fond memoirs?

When I was little, I wanted to just grow up and be like all the grown ups, have a job, have a car, drive around, freedom - blah blah blah - now, there are times, I so wish for those carefree, worry-free days as an infant, in the comforts of home, my granny and all else that mattered truly in life :)

kaya said...

Tehre is a ghazal(song) that remembers lost chilhood.
Woh kaghaz ki kashti
Woh baarish ka paani
(Remembring those folded paper bpats we would make and when the rains came down and the drains would overflow. The sheer joy of setting ones bat to sail).
I have fond memories of childhood.
Days of unending playtime, baths and a warm soft bed. Sleep came so easily.....
You are so right about no worries, lotsa smiles, laughter and TLC.
And now:
Hello ROsh. And thankyou for dropping in.

BuJ said...


Beautiful stuff, always.

al-republican said...

Life was cool as a 3 year old, Rosh. We weren't responsible for our actions and we could get away with almost anything.

At the age of 3 (or thereabout) my grandfather used to drop me to the local nursery. My school dress was shirt tucked in my khaki shorts with an elastic tie. We had one teacher who taught us everything from music to drawing. We used to call her "Aunty".

Anyways, one fine day I asked aunty for permission to go to the toilet in the middle of our music class. She let me go and I duly relieved myself. It was only after I had relieved myself did I realize that I didnt know how to zip my shorts and buckle the button! So I walked out of the bathroom, my shorts hanging around my ankles dragging across the floor, and started to ward around butt naked hehe.

I noticed a couple of guys working inside a man hole, which I found very intriguing so I stopped over to watch them work while they laughed at me. After a while our teacher came around looking for me and found me standing nekkid peeping at the man hole and passing the workers in it their tools! Hahaha it was quite a sight! I still remember it like it happened yesterday!

The fun part was at that age it all seemed OK to be walking around without my pants! I miss that care free life hehe.

i*maginate said...

Aha well from your post, could it be that I can guess your age? hehe.

no. 2 is so cute!

I'll get round to responding to the tag soonish :P

Al republican, now that must have been quite a sight!

SevenSummits said...

Rosh is persistent, I can see :- )
OK pre school memories – somewhere around 3plus

(1) My Matchbox cars (those are small little toy cars): I had a racing track and a little orange Audi was the fastest of them all :- )

(2) Ponies: I always loved horses and going riding on ponies was real fun

(3) Whooping cough: I had that forever, because it served as a perfect tool to coerce my mum into allowing me to get away with basically everything. Still have a grudge on that doctor that told her that I was just simulating!

(4) LEGO, LEGO, LEGO – was busy with major construction

(5) Finally stopped believing in Santa Clause, after a meticulous investigation of this strange phenomenon

(6) My hero was “Winnetou”, a Native American from the Apache tribe with great ranger/fighting skills but also of compassion for other human beings. He was symbolic for the belief in an innate "goodness" of mankind, albeit constantly threatened by ill-intentioned enemies. Later he was succeeded by Mr. Spock.


I* - our special princess is very slow these days :P
Rosh already gave away his age several times in this blogosphere and everyone else did as well – except you, at least as far as I can recall!

Al, isn’t there a photo for evidence? ROFL!!!!! :PPPP
I believe that there is a perfect discussion going on for you on Dubai Jazz’s Blog

i*maginate said...

sevensummits, if you thought all those thoughts @ 3, no wonder you landed up in an analytical profession.

As for the princess being sleepy, sometimes one has to succummb to the common cold, where one loses ones head from time to time, which is all the more enjoyable, may I assure you.

Yes, I knew rosh' age b4, but if you are trying to flirt with me, I am afraid you'll have to try harder. At least invite me for a night out in Koeln.

i*maginate said...

*rosh, can you believe it, I got round to responding to your tag within 24 hours or so.

The delay was due to some unexplained cold haunting me, which requires all the tissue boxes in the house to keep me company until the remnants fill the bins littered around the house and little lady has the duty of emptying the bins tomorrow morning! What a wonderful land we live in; and my mommy is abroad.

rosh said...

Ahlan Kaya, welcome to my humble blog :) and thank you for those wonderful words - and sah, sleep did come quite easily. I am on the verge of taking Lunesta these days - god help me :)

Awww, thanks Mr BuJ :)

Al, your grandpa took you to kindergarten, my grandma took me & my twin - how kewl is that :) You know what, my nephew just started kindergarten this week, and my mom takes him & brings him back - talk about the time moving on and history repeating itself eh?

i* - after the 30 last year, I've stopped counting b'days :) But you know what - I think 30's is the perfect age to find oneself. I am beginning to "find" myself, in terms of a more assuring individuality, to independence, maturity etc all. It's good, the 30's, you know - I am finally feeling I've arrived :)

rosh said...

Holy Molly 7S - you were quite intuitive at that age my man! At this point, I have a pretty decent mental picture of you, as a 3 year old :) You were mature beyond your age even then. All said - am sure it's quite satisfying to the soul to make a living doing what you quite passionately/innately like :)

As 3 or 4 old, I had this innate fondness/ability for tennis. For some reason, just loved swinging a tennis racket, it came so naturally. My dad's wooden rackets were as heavy & tall as I. Today, my tennis "career" remains the largest heartbreak :)

I am going to skip over to DJ's and see what's all the chat's about.

i* - hope ya feel better princess. I realize how bad common cold can be - can you believe, there still is no cure for common cold. 7S am I right or am I right?

al-republican said...

"Common" cold - it should be bloody renamed!

I have it too and I tend to get it everytime this time of the year. The worst part about flu is that it saps your energy and one feels really weak. The other crazy part is that fever keeps coming and going at will.

I recently joined a gym and the very next day I end up with this crazy flu! I have missed a week already and I hate it when I pay for what I am not doing!

Here is a good riddle for all of you: What is faster - hot or cold? Give your reason as well :P

kaya said...

@ AL
Its only common when women have it.
Otherwise its known as MAN FLU!!! (symptoms: 99 degrees fever and 3 sneezes. Treatment: 3-4 days in bed moaning groaning and driving the woman in the house NUTS!!!)