Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, I think I am back blogging again. I've wanted to do this for a while, but never got around to it. Work and travel steal most spare time. Anyhow, am going to take this slow and steady - just some casual thoughts on my mind - no logical flow, no grammar- just speaking my mind...

Today was a slow day from the getgo. I brushed teeth rather slow, showered/shaved perhaps slower and changed hmmmm perhaps a little slower than usual. The morning drive was cramped and traffic now seem to hurt.

Morning at work was slower - infact today wasn't a productive day at work or otherwise. It was one of those days where I couldn't get anything done - even though there was lots to do...and I had an agenda in mind ......hmmmm strange?

I sat thru most of my meetings, smiled, asked an inane question and passed a redundant comment once a while, whilst simultaneously browsing thru a few blogs (on my laptop) and looking serious & interested the whole time.

My admin, who has perfected the art of sleeping with her eyes open - slept thru the meeting, 'cause she didn't take notes or respond to any comments. Morning went by rather fast, and it was time for lunch. Walked into a Sushi joint on Khaleed Bin Walid road, had a quick but "slow" bites for lunch. I just wanted to get away from all sorts of thoughts from work, about issues at home.... I sort of miss my car, my friends and apartment in NYC - at times can't wait to get back, and at times, don't wanna go back (yea my shrink is still working on that)

Afternoon was slower - again. My admin went on dental appointment - unannounced. I was bombarded with calls. Not one amongst this was urgent, but people call anyway - to let me know they are "working hard" - I play along.

Around 2PM the office gossip Winfrey talk show lady (who I stay away from) walks into my office. All flamboyant and drenched in 10 gallons of perfume. She is known for office romance gossip and labelling people - with stigmas. I make small talk with her for about 5 minutes and slip to the kitchen for a cuppa.

Back in my office again, looking out the window - beautiful warm summer day in Dubai - miss Manhattan a bit more now?. I can see the neighbouring offices and people working, in meetings, have lunch, coffee breaks, water cooler talks etc all. I wonder how many are having slow days like me today?

It's almost 3PM and still not getting any work done. So I visit some of the blogs checking for new/updated posts and comments. Hoping to indulge in an interesting conversation or two. Nothing much happening at the UAE community blog - except for the usual whining as well as some genuine concerns being raised.

I have another 2 to 3 weeks in Dubai prior to getting back to NYC. I hope the days do go slow - cause I like being home for a change and savouring every moment - both the quick and slow moments.


Elfo said...


rosh said...

thanks for the comment bro - but me no speak Portuguese or Spanish - perhaps you help with translation?

mucho gracias :)

BuJ said...

oki.. u needs a holiday from dubai it seems.. this is so boring.. how about we go balloooning? i wanna try it!

rosh said...

yeah BuJ - think I do need to get away from all this for while or perhaps more.

It's just so conflictive you know -I mean my mind wants me to move on, whilst my heart feels the opposite. In a way I am so happy to be home - but it's killing my mind : )

I mean yes the place is a growing economy, and by no means should I look for similar challenges at work like in NYC or London, but then again - my heart just ain't letting me move on :(

WOW - ballooning does sound awesome. I'd love to go ballooning - can we get to do it here in UAE? I am not sure of the US, you know with 9/11 and homeland security flight risk crap and all.

It must feel quite liberating eh? balooning that is?

so how you keeping otherwise?

BuJ said...

I'm doing well thanks :)

MD said... are UAEian? lol...! I'm having such a day today where everything is so slow--but there's just one difference: I don't want to go home. I just want to drive by the Corniche or just sit idle in a quiet coffeeshop and read a book. Rosh, your personality is so warm that I almost mistook you to be a female!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to go sky diving.. wanna join me Rosh ? it will for sure kill your boredom and might kill you as well !!

rosh said...

No thank you IYM :) I'd probably pass out just thinking about it on the flight up!

If I may - you are just a league apart when it comes to adventure, am just this guy who gets a kick from roads trips & camping.

IYM said...

OK.. then camping in the JUNGLES sounds like a plan ;)

BuJ said...

lol since when is Rosh a female name?
also does this mean that females are warm and men are cold? what are you on MD?

md said...

Lol BuJ...I'm on nothing - yet :) I don't concentrate much on the name itself but it's the comments and the vibe/personality that exude. Females definitely are more mellow and warm. It's amusing but I really thought Rosh was a female :$

rosh said...

am takin it as a compliment MD - thanks :)