Saturday, May 12, 2007

just one point...

I’d like to clarify something to those few who’ve taken the trouble to write an angry, abusive email or two on why I’ve named my blog – uaeian.

So you know, uaeian – does not mean Emarati. I do not call myself an Emarati – because I am not one, I shall never be one. I am someone who, like a thousand others, was born & raised in the UAE.

This is the only nation I’ve lived in. Wherever I visit and choose to live, I do not feel "being home" – as much as being home in Sharjah, or whilst walking my neighbourhood – the neighbourhood I've grown up as an infant - the one place I can call "my neighbourhood". The place where all my lives memoirs are held.

In an amusing sort of way, friends and I came up with the phrase – "uaeian" – primarily, given casual discussions on second generation expat kids like myself. It is hard to call ourselves 100% Iranian, Jordanian, Indian, Pakistani or even English – given, most of us have lived our lives in a foreign nation, and not that of our parents. Perhaps you folks must know – most true natives of such nations, do not think of us as a true Asian, Western or Indian or Jordanian. I am not saying this is the case for all souls who’ve lived in the UAE – but for several it’s very true.

Hence, we sort of came up with a phrase and call ourselves part "uaeians".

Often, it’s confusing enough to have discussions on certain background & cultures and also have a sense of belongingness to some nation or place. Hence please don’t go all bananas on the phrase uaeians – it may not mean much to you, but it means plenty, to those amongst us.


BuJ said...

To these sickos I say stick it where it hurts. This guy has the right to call himself whatever he wants!

What's next? you want him to change his country of birth on the birth certificate to what? eh? he's just dealing with facts. So why don't you too?

This is pathetic.. and Rosh.. you give these sickos too much credit with a post.. they deserve to be banished to the spam filters.. which are quite strong these days :)

rosh said...

ah Mr BuJ - thanks mate, i now have a huge smile on my face this Sunday morning ;)
In a way I understand some of them. I mean, there are times, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of new folks who've moved into the UAE. Be it the new church members in the community church. or the shj co-operative society we've been shopping for in decades or the SHJ fruit and vegetable market. Not to mention the hundreds of cars and faces I see everyday on the roads and the offices.

Hence I can feel some of the anxiety from some fellows who get upset and all.
On the other hand, some guys - I just don't get. Like this one called Al Khaleeji (or something was his name) - where he claims to be an Emarati, but then claim allegiance to Yemen, because he is Yemeni, however throws out an abuse or two for naming my blog uaeian?

Anyhoo - there will always be naysayers. IYM once said to me, home is where the heart is and within yourself. This has helped me to realize that many things beyond don't matter, really.

BuJ said...

send the yemeni dude back to dubai police.. as for IYM where is she these days? man i haven't heard from her or HLH in weeks.

as for u rosh.. i'm glad ur feeling better.. smiling is good :)

secretdubai said...

I cannot believe someone would be so petty and so spiteful as to send you unpleasant emails about the word you chose for your identity.

I think it is very valid. My heart bleeds - and given it's made of stone, that's quite hard ;) - for people that have lived their entire lives here but don't and will never permanently "belong".

UAEian is a great term. I hope you continue to use it.

localexpat said...

hey rosh when did you start writing your blog again. SHIT! i was just randomly checking out your blog again and after months of inactivity, glad to see you back at it :-)


So whats next people getting pissed off at my bloging name Localexpat???

Just don't give a F**K..seriously you gotta pick your fights otherwise you'll notice that every day some d**khead will try to piss you off.

localexpat said...

one more thing... you left NY and back in UAE??? COz it seems like you working in the emirates now

rosh said...

lol BuJ - Dubai cops have their hands full as is. No idea on IYM or HLH - wish they dropped an email?

Thanks SD - I appreciate your sentiment/thoughtfulness and no I don't think you've are stone hearted -lol :)

Ah Mr LE :) Howz the new job going mate? Yea you are correct, gotta pick battles. Am in the Emirates on extended business - should be here for another week.

Jawahir Jewels said...

ohh ur back good see that ...

whoever said that or whom ever all all petty really sad ppl....

they can go and stick it where the sun dont shine .. walahi...

i*maginate said...

localsexpat the difference between you and rosh is that he actually likes the uae.

MD said...

That's what I hate too. Indians wonder why I'm so attached to the country and label me as 'trying too hard' to fit in the UAE culture but they don't get it: it's where we've born and bred and I don't know any other place any better. I don't know why they don't get it that I'm not going to heaven if I was Emirati and I don't need the passport or nationality for any perks--I just seek my identity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roshy.. no worries dear.. I never thought you'll be touched negatively by such assholeness and immaturity.. just ignore it man..
And as I told you once; home is yourself.. your inner self.. home is where your heart is..
Stay cheerful..

BuJ said...

oh.. is that you IYM? why the distance?

rosh said...

Thanks JJ - hope all's well :)

i*maginate - I think LE loves UAE more than I do, 'cause for souls like us the options are often multiple if we think with your head, yet very limited if we let our hearts take over. LE loves the UAE more, which is why he is here and I am still contemplating to move back or stay in NYC :)

IYM - thanks so much doc, it's always, I repeat always a pleasure hearing from you.

MD: I hear you on Indians . An aspect I CANNOT understand on most Indians is that after having spent 30 plus years in the UAE, they are just waiting to retire and head "home" to India?? I can't understand how anyone can leave a place so quickly after having lived the best years of their lives and for so long in another country?

Don't mind the naysayer’s - there are just too many out there you haven't been in our shoes. You said it well - identity is most important, all else is optional/secondary :)

BuJ - I have no idea, guess she's super busy with career/studies. There are very few successful souls like IYM and even fewer who keep going in spite the success she has had. So perhaps time is most valuable and short at her end?