Thursday, June 28, 2007

pushing the envelope?

"An Emirati family who must vacate their government-owned home in less than five days said they have no place to go and have urged authorities to address their grievance. " - click on the link below for the entire article.

OK I am not sure what to make of this? If one cannot find low income housing in one's own country, where else can someone have low income housing - Yemen?

I cannot believe more low income homes are being demolished to make way for more Jumeriah Joes & Janes and their trots? If true, this is appalling.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i love this song

The lyrics of this song is just beautiful. I listen to this song when the going gets tough. It provides that extra peace & comfort - the belief that, life indeed is beautiful and no matter what, each amongst us has the courage & confidence to keep hopes alive - to keep living & pursuing dreams.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Like most men - I cannot show emotions from the heart, especially to my folks or most friends. Today, like most days, sitting at the big apple, I think of my folks. It is hard, sometimes very hard to be away from them - often each day away seem a mistake? There are times I hope to get on the next flight home - be with mom & dad forever. Sure, we'll have our difference of opinions and things can get quite intense at times and yes it does make me pretty sad & super mad when I get all upset with them. However I learn to reconcile and be mature - realize how much I care for them, how important they are and very insignificant everything else can be.

I have been thinking about mom a lot lately - thinking why haven't I hardly said to her, how much I value her presence in my life? How much I appreciate and am thankful for all that she has done for me. How sorry I am for not doing things her way - and not just because I've always wanted to live my life and "break free" - but because I wanted to learn & live - make real mistakes to experience life and discover myself - not have the luxury to live beneath her wings (even though I wish I could) and be protected from realities of life.

Dad may have made the big bucks, but mom who held us all together. She gave us our identity, protected us from all harm, she fought the battles - cared & have toiled for us. I cannot think of a moment without her in our lives. She has been so fair to even those who wronged her. She is capable of so much more in life, but never had opportunities to explore her potential.

Mom isn't keeping too well these days. I think of her every passing moment, I worry about her - and sometimes I find a tear or two passing down my cheek. However, everyday I say a prayer for her to get well - and though I am sure she shall recover soon enough, I wish I am with her at this moment - to attend to her needs, tell her how much she means in my life her & make her proud. I want her to know in her heart of hearts, that every passing moment she is in my thoughts & prayers. I love you mom - always.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

unintended misspellings

A misspelling can cause some grief, anxiety and unwanted discomfort between two parties.

Today, I received a short email from a CFO - who BTW is the nicest lady I have met in this city, well in this country, actually. The last sentence of her email should have read - "could you please come over for a sec" - sec as in second. Unfortunately, given that alphabet "x" is next to alphabet "c" within the keyboard, the poor woman typed in "x" instead of "c". Hence the sentence read - ""could you please come over for ....." well you can fill in.

The sweet lady was most apologetic & quite embarrassed - I reassured her, mistakes, errors happen, we are human after all.

Talk about misspellings eh? Please take MUCH care guys & gals, you wouldn't want to send the "wrong" message because of an alphabet, I know I wouldn't and now am a bit paranoid :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

it "shred"

OK I have to share this with you guys ('cause I have no one else to share it with here!) Last weekend I was visiting this firm, we are looking to acquire. It was a casual day at work and everyone wore jeans and casual T shirts/tank tops - some in slutty tank tops etc.

The FD (he is a Lebanese Canadian a bit heavy and a very very nice guy) had client meetings scheduled late in the afternoon - hence wore a suit with tie and all. In the morning, he met with me for about 2 hours or so and as he got up (he was sitting beside me) to leave - his toe inadvertently knocked over an office bin. The bin fell over with debris over the office floor. The poor guy bent over to pick up the debris and his (suit) trousers tore wide open from the behind!

It was pretty loud and in the middle of an open office floor! Everyone was sorta surprised, and just stared at each other - not knowing what to say and a bit polarized at the sight to be honest. Whilst he bent over, his back was facing this young aussie woman sitting next to me - and her instant reaction was "omg that's huge!!" :)

He went home right away and called me from his cell phone saying - he won't come into the office for rest of the day because "my trousers are shredded"! Poor guy, I felt so bad for him - he is such a nice fella.

Today, whilst at work he was just pretending nothing happened at all, but some mean folks (in humour) would ask him about his trouser :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

it's all in new york city

I'm telling you folks -- it all happens in New York City. We've got superman flying around town, and into outer space preventing asteroids from crashing into the city. Spidey swinging from scraper, to scarper. Batman and Robin pretending they are at "Gotham" which we all know is *really* Manhattan.

We've got the unfriendly (or misunderstood) folks from outer space blowing up things around this town. Yellow cabs blown away into oblivion - La Independence Day / MIB / War of the Worlds. Damn asteroids crashing into the city (Armageddon). Crazy ass ice storms freezing everything on its way (The day after tomorrow).

We also have the Fantastic four flying around. King Kong at the Empire state eh! Oh! Carrie and the girls spreading love (well sort of) and then some! The gang of Friends. Then there is Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. The Sopranos. Law & Order and many more.

However, everytime I look out my apartment window, or whilst just strolling out and about the town, I guess I am just surprised I haven't witnessed any of the above! Nope, no aliens (well at least none from another world) – no weird end of the world storm scenarios – no super heroes swinging, flying or skating around, nor the poor love struck Kong at the Empire state.

Most often I just see bunch of cops and car chases, firefighters, ambulances and cops running around, boyfriends caught cheating lol! and plenty of tourists walking the city this time of the year. Plenty of yellow cabs just honking away to oblivion etc all. It’s just business as usual at the Big Apple, and I like it that way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Am sitting in some fancy office, surrounded by files and inane paper work (mostly on numbers and legalities) of acquisitions made across the world. There is plenty of work to do - plenty of calls to make - plenty of questions to answer and plenty of deadlines & living people to meet.

However am unable to bring myself to a task? Woke up feeling rested, had a good night's sleep. Traffic to work wasn't bad - the coffee wasn't bad - neither was this yummy slice of (Golden Loaf) fruit cake I managed to bring all the way from SHJ to NYC. 40 minutes into my day, and something just switched off within - not sure what?

Since then can’t think straight or have the energy to move around - walk into people's cubes/offices or keep a conversation or my speech going. I seem to be plain tired/exhausted. I am sorta wary when this occurs, cause more often my mind goes wandering away to oblivion and starts thinking up stuff I rather not think about such as -

- thinking of a "purpose" - yup a purpose to life
- thinking of things I've always wanted to do, but never could?
- thinking as to what am I doing in Manhattan, when all dear/near ones are on the other side of this planet?
- thinking of things I could do, rather than be "imprisoned" within a corporate office, mostly with people I rather not see again
- thinking that at 31 why am I not living my way
- the way I want to live my life
- thinking & wishing I had bags of million $ bills to get away from all this, travel around, see people and places, visit my mom & dad, hold my nephew again *sigh*
- thinking why am I single in this goddamn city?

Again am not sure why am writing all this down? Someone once said to me, writing down thoughts will help better realize what we want from our lives even more - don't think that's working today?

It's past 6PM and as I look down into the street from my office window I see people making their way to the bus terminals and train stations, after a hard day's work (well maybe not in my case) . But an aspect which never ceases to amaze me is that despite Manhattan being insanely crowded, why is it I find the loneliest souls in this city or the fact that most people with friends or in groups seem to be searching for "validation" in life - all sorts of validation?

Anyhoooooo why are so many of us lost from THE purpose(s) of our lives? I am not sure if I am lost, I know what I want to do - can never seem to bring myself to do it, given all that I've said in the first paragraph plus some more.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

salik saga

Personally I do not think Salik is bad for the UAE or for most motorists. Bottom line, reality check - all these years we pretty much drove the fantastic roads and highways of Dubai/UAE for FREE. Yes Free - nobody paid taxes or a fil (traffic fines don't count) to help build this infrastructure. Nobody's paying anything for the world class metro system that's coming up. It is all government funded. In North America I am taxed 40% of my gross income (bonuses are taxed at 50%) - yet the roads are full of potholes - some the size of baby elephants. In addition to taxes we’ve got toll roads in most cities & inter-states. I just don't understand why the hue and cry for Dhs4 or Dhs 8 perday - isn't it worth the fantastic Dubai roads? I mean we all know there is never a free lunch - and we (expats & locals) had Dubai/UAE roads for free all these years.

If there is no Salik or alternative revenue for the Dubai government - then there may not be increased roads or highways or infrastructure i.e. its growth could be limited and may not meet UAE's growing needs, in which case, people will complain there isn't sufficient infrastructure in place.

So you guys decide: salik/alternative revenue = better infrastructure or no salik/ alternative revenue = limited/insufficient infrastructure.

….. and yeah - I agree salaries for the most part should be increased with this added cost of living, that's the viable way to go forward - this is my opinion.